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EW-54 Four-Wheel Scooter

EW-54 Four-Wheel Scooter

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EW-54 Four-Wheel Scooter

EW-54 four-wheel scooter with full cover and front windshield

This is the first fast 15mph four-wheel scooter on the market with a color matching FULL COVER TOP and FULL FRONT WINDSHIELD. This scooter is equipped with a foot brake (like a golf cart), executive seat, folding steering column, digital electric dashboard, 2 stereo speakers and music system, cargo box, tubeless tires, cup holder, remote key fob with alarm, 700 watt motor and 60V 20AH batteries.


Please click below to see a customized video we created for you of the EW-54 Four-Wheel Scooter:

The “BUGGIE” has a unique design style, sure to turn heads!  This scooter will shield the rider from both SUNSHINE and RAIN.

EW-54 Four-Wheel Scooter Specifications:

COLOR: sour apple, red and orange

SPEED:  up to 15 mph (varies based on riders weight and terrain)

MOTOR: 700 watt brushless motor


VOLTS: 60 volts

AMPS:   20 AH

BATTERIES: 48 volt lead acid maintenance free

BASKET: rear color matching cargo box

TIRES: tubeless tires

CHARGER: smart charger

RANGE: up to 40 miles per single charge

THROTTLE: variable speed control twist throttle

REMOTE KEY: remote key fob, start/stop, alarm

BRAKE:  foot brake

LIGHTS: front head light, rear brake lights, front and rear turn signals

WARRANTY: 3 year limited warranty

Mfg. Item #: 54
SMD Item #: EW-54

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