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Do you have a new or used medical product that you would like to sell? We can help!

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Directions to our listing are simple.

Please click on the above orange link, then register to get an account with us who are free or if you have an account then please log in and then click on the tab: Sell.

Next, fill out your information to list your Durable Medical Equipment product.

We can help sell your Used or New Durable Medical Equipment such as Power chairs, Scooters, Hospital Beds, Patient Lifts, Portable Concentrators, Stationary Concentrators, Lift Chairs, Wheelchairs, etc.

As the experienced liaison between the seller and the buyer, GoSouthernMD.com assists in making sure that the product, seller and buyer are legitimate and that the Durable Medical Equipment listed meets the needs of the buyer prior to completing the sale.

GoSouthernMD.com is changing the way that individuals and companies can sell their durable medical equipment with a reliable and experienced partner.

Please attach your pictures and any other relevant information you wish to add along with dimensions, weight and description. 

The last step is to list your price your willing to accept. We will give you access to your page to make changes as you wish once your listing goes live.

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