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If you are an Independent Durable Medical Equipment Dealer and want to be part of our National Rental Network of Independent Dealers please contact us by phone at 1-855-528-2539, or by email .

We are proud to be the first national company to advertise and rent Durable Medical Equipment nationwide and we only use privately owned companies that have a local presence.

 To be considered, we ask that your company:

  1. Be independently owned.
  2. Be certified by a Medicare approved association.
  3. Carry the items that are listed on our rental page.
  4. Agree to the rates set forth by GoSouthernMD.com.  These rates are payable at or above the national average.
  5. Have someone available on call 24/7
  6. Agree to any other guidelines specified by GoSouthernMD.com rental contract.

Please keep in mind that we pay you immediately and it is all PRIVATE pay.  We deal with no insurance.

You might be considered as our exclusive local provider and will benefit from all the advantages GoSouthernMD.com has to offer.  Some of the benefits are:

  1. We pay all advertising in your area for rentals.
  2. Ability to have leads go right to our website to generate sales for people that want to pay less than the allowable for the particular product.  We will pay you commission off of the sale.
  3. We will use no other vendor for your particular territory.
  4. You will be our service center for all white glove delivery services and warranties in your territory.

If your company is considered, then you will get an option of providing another service that will bring in an addition $1,000/$5,000+ per month in additional net revenue by working closely with our medication dispensing partner.  This partner dispenses medications right to the point of care and since your company is already calling on the practice, we are looking for referrals that will enable us to sign up accounts and your company will benefit from each pre-filled bottle of prescription medication that is done through your referral account.  This benefit will be payable to you for 3 years.  Please contact us for more details.

This is a very fast growing part of our business and we are very proud to offer it to you.  We are signing up dealers quick so please contact us to become part of our network.

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