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Caire Helios 300 Portable Oxygen Machine, Listed/Fulfilled by Seller #14474

Caire Helios 300 Portable Oxygen Machine, Listed/Fulfilled by Seller #14474

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Used with nasal cannula, HELiOS H300 Plus Portable Oxygen With amazingly small, lightweight and long lasting portable units, the HELiOS Personal Oxygen System encourages an active lifestyle for long-term oxygen therapy patients. The HELiOS Plus H300 Portable Oxygen Unit weighs only 3.6 pounds filled, enabling patients to wear it, rather than carry it. No cumbersome tubes, heavy canisters or batteries are required. The HELiOS system is also extremely economical. Its pneumatic oxygen conserving device gives it a conservation ratio over continuous flow oxygen of approximately 4:1. This allows the HELiOS Plus unit to provide up to 10 hours of use at a setting of 2. The HELiOS Plus can be refilled in about 40 seconds from a HELiOS system home reservoir, which typically lasts four to six weeks between refills.

Capacity: Lasts up to 10 hours at a setting of 2. Fill time: 40 seconds. LOX capacity: 0.9 lb. Gaseous equivalent capacity: 308 L. Typical duration at a setting of 2, demand mode: 8-10 hours. Easy to carry: Built in strap, shoulder bag or belt pack. Operation position : Upright, on its back or in any position in between. Power requirements : No electricity or batteries. Flow settings: Off, 0.12, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 LPM. Operating pressure: 22 psi. Normal evaporation rate: Typical - 1.0 lb/day., Maximum - 1.5 lb/day. Physical Characteristics: Size: 10.5 inches tall. Weight: 3.6 lb when filled, 2.7 lb empty.
Mfg. Item #: 14474-20140819105635
SMD Item #: CID-14474-20140819105635

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