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PDG FUZE T50 Jr Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

PDG FUZE T50 Jr Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

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Case Qty: 1 | HCPCS: E1233

Fuze Frame Options:

Seat Width:

Seat Depth:

Frame Color:

Arm Type:


Extra Armpad Features (Must Check One):
3" Wide Armpads - add - $49.00
Contour Arm Trough Left - add - $85.00
Contour Arm Trough Right - add - $85.00
Gel Armpad 2" - add - $115.00
Gel Armpad 2" - add - $115.00
Gel Armpad 3.5" - add - $115.00

Seat Frame:

Caster Options:

Rear Wheels:

Rear Tire:



Wheel Locks:

Wheel Locks Extras (Must Check One):
Wheel Lock Extensions - add - $60.00
Rear Anti-Tippers (pair) - add - $99.00

Heatrest (Must Check One):
Headrest - add - $75.00
Fully Adjustable Headrest - add - $211.00
Moldable Headrest Pad 10" - add - $221.00

Tilt Recline:

Front Rigging (Must Check One):
Sector Blocks
Swing Away 70 Degree
Swing Away 90 Degree
External Front Rigging Mount - add - $75.00
Swing Away Elevating Legrests - add - $295.00

Foot Plates:

Footrest Options (Must Check One):
Adjustable Length Heel Loops - add - $50.00
Calf Strap - add - $60.00
Swing Away 70 Degree Gel Pad - add - $99.00
Swing Away Elevating Legrest Gel Pad - add - $99.00
Swing Away 70 Degree Calf Pad - add - $135.00
Millers Dynamic Mount - add - $380.00

Extension Tube:

Position Straps:

Miscellaneous Options (Must Check One):
Clear Lap Tray, slide on


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PDG FUZE T50 Jr Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

The Fuze T50 is a tilt-in-space wheelchair that offers effortless tilt up to 50 degrees as well as zero centre of gravity shift when it is tilt - the chair does this by matching the occupant's centre of gravity location.

The simple pivot point ensures easy tilt operation and a smaller overall footprint for the wheelchair - making it easy to fit into small spaces.

With a larger number of options available including seat width, seat heights, castor and wheel options, armrest options and front rigging options - it makes for a simple solution for anyone who needs a tilt-in-space wheelchair - that needs to work for them!


PDG FUZE T50 Jr Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair Features:

• 50° of effortless tilt
• Excellent for positioning
• Multi-adjustable frame for a long term fit
• Convertable to Fuze T20 with a special kit
• Small footprint
• Sleek durable frame with attractive finish


PDG FUZE T50 Jr Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair More Features:

  • One tool needed for nearly all adjustments
  • Simple pivot tilt to 50°
  • Side guard with tilt angle indicator
  • Adjustable axles and seat height
  • Adjustable chair width
  • Adjustable chair depth
  • Transit tie-downs
  • Crash tested
  • Sleek durable frame with attractive finish
  • Variety of castor and wheel sizes available


PDG FUZE T50 Jr Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair Specifications:

Product Weight: 15.8 kg (without front rigging, wheels, antitippers, armrests)
User Weight Limit: 115 kg
Frame Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Seat to Floor Height: Ranges from 13" to 16"
Back Height: 20" and 25"
Dynamic Tilt: 50°
Seat Widths: 13" to 18" (adjustable)
Seat Depths: 15" to 18" (adjustable)
Back Angle: 90° to 120° (adjustable)
Overall Width (12" or 16" rear wheels) Seat width plus 7.5"
Overall Width (20", 22" or 24" rear wheels): Seat width plus 8.25"
Overall Length: 28"
Rear Wheels: Pneumatic 20”, 22” or 24”
Castors: Urethane 5" x 1.25" or 8" x 1.25"
Antitippers: Standard, Removable

PDG FUZE T50 Jr Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair Standard Package includes:

  • Standard Growning Base and Seat Frame with Max Weight Capacity at 250 lbs.
  • Transit Tie-Down Stystem
  • Standard Width Size Seat
  • Standard Depth Size Seat
  • 6 Colors to Choose from
  • No Armrests or Single Post Fixed Height Armrest
  • Free Shipping
  • Curved Armpad (pair) - Desk or Full Length
  • Casters
  • Free Standard Size M2 Comfort Company Cushion
  • Free Solid Seat Pan
  • Tilt Limit Device to 50 Degrees
  • Front Riggings with Swing Away Foot Rests
  • Composite Foot Plates
  • Extension Length Tubes
  • Rear Wheel (pair)
  • Urethane Tires
  • Quick Release Rear Axles
  • Hand Rims
  • Push to Lock Wheel Locks
  • Standard Back Upholstery
Please contact customer service for any other options that are not mentioned on here for pricing at1-855-528-2539.

Please take your time to select what you want on your PDG Fuze T50 Wheelchair even if it is just the standard model.  All Drop Down Boxes must be selected.

Mfg. Item #: PDG-T50-Jr
SMD Item #: TCC-PDG-T50-Jr

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