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Oxymizer® Disposable Oxygen Conserver

Oxymizer® Disposable Oxygen Conserver

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CHAD® Oxymizer® Disposable Conserving Device

Oxymizer® Disposable Conserving Device is a conserving device that concentrates oxygen delivery to the initial moment of inspiration, which allows for equivalent saturations at much lower flow rates. The Oxymizer works with most oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen, and compressed gas. No batteries, flow controls or switches are required for the Oxymizer to operate. This simple conserving device has a built-in humidification effect eliminating the need for a humidification device. Plus, the Oxymizer Pendant Style Conserving Device is disposable. Save time and money wearing the Oxymizer which is more comfortable and less cumbersome than a a traditional oxygen mask.

Oxygen Requirement with Standard Cannula            Oxygen Requirement with Oxymizer

2.0 lpm                                                                 0.5 lpm

3.0 lpm                                                                 1.0 lpm

3.5 lpm                                                                 1.5 lpm

4.0 lpm                                                                 2.0 lpm

5.0 lpm                                                                 2.5 lpm

Features of the Oxymizer® Disposable Conserving Device:

  • Oxymizer® Disposable Conserving Device is compatible with oxygen concentrators, compressed gas and liquid oxygen.
  • Using during periods of activity or exercise, during rest or even while sleeping.
  • Oxymizer® Disposable Conserving Device may be used with pursed-lip breathing at all flows. Pendant model now features soft, flexible cannula tubing and small nasal prongs with a reservoir which can be worn under clothing.
  • Oxymizer® Disposable Conserving Device enables you to obtain the equivalent of 7.5 liters from a 5 liter concentrator.
  • Built-in humidification effect eliminates need for humidification device.
  • Does not need batteries, electronics, switches or flow controls to operate.
  • Compare the Oxymizer® to a standard oxygen mask to see an improvement in comfort.
  • Disposable oxygen conserving device.
  • Purchase a Oxymizer® Conserving Device individually.
  • Delivers up to a 4:1 savings ratio
Mfg. Item #: 224
SMD Item #: DRV-224

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