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Respironics ComfortGel Mask

Respironics ComfortGel Mask

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Respironics ComfortGel Mask

The Respironics ComfortGel Mask brings a higher level of fit and comfort to the Comfort Series™ of Respironics nasal masks. The ComfortGel Nasal Mask brings an exciting approach to fully customizable gel masks combined with premium comfort features with a host of innovations. These changes help the Respironics Comfort Gel Mask fit right the first time, and that helps the Respironics ComfortGel fit 100% of your patients 100% of the time.

ComfortGel Nasal Mask uses the Respironics one size fits most Premium Headgear. This unique headgear with EZ Peel™ tabs easily adjusts in four places for a secure, custom fit. The Respironics Premium Headgear evenly distributes tension, adds stability and helps to prevent mask leaks. The Respironics Comfort Gel Mask and Headgear disassemble easily for cleaning and replacement. The Respironics Premium Headgear is included with the ComfortGel Mask and can be used with most Respironics nasal masks.

Respironics Comfort Gel

The Respironics ComfortGel Mask makes it easier to fit patients right the first time – even hard to fit patients. At the core of the Comfort Gel Nasal Mask is an exceptional cushion that combines the customizable blue gel originally seen in the Respironics Profile™ Lite, with a proven dual-layer cushion design found in other Comfort Series masks. This combination gives you the comfort, fit, stability and seal characteristics you’ve come to expect from the Respironics Comfort Series nasal masks.

This superior cushion is paired with the StabilitySelector™ that tilts the ComfortGel Mask to allow for an optimal seal. The forehead support and pad automatically adjust to ensure proper forehead placement and angle of the Comfort Gel Mask. Combining the StabilitySelector and the dual-material cushion with a “silent” exhalation port and ball-and-socket headgear attachments results in a superior nasal mask that can help your patients stick to their therapy.

Delivering more features in a smaller, more compact package makes the Respironics ComfortGel Nasal Mask an easy choice. Our streamlined sizing system makes it easier to stock and fit. The Repironics ComfortGel Mask makes it possible to fit 100% of your patients 100% of the time.

Features of the Respironics Comfort Gel Mask

  • Removable forehead support and pad adjust to match the angle of the wearer's forehead.
  • 360° swivel allows tubing to move more freely.
  • StabilitySelector raises and lowers for proper mask angle, seal and fit.
  • Replaceable silicone Comfort Flap improves seal and can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Blue gel inner layer provides comfort and support, and can be easily customized.
  • Updated ball-and-socket headgear attachments allow for free movement and easy mask removal.

Specifications of the Respironics ComfortGel Mask

Respironics Comfort Gel Mask Specifications

Cleaning the Respironics Comfort Gel Mask

Clean the Respironics Comfort Gel Nasal Mask prior to using any of the disinfection or sterilization methods listed below.
  • Remove the headgear and spacer from Respironics ComfortGel Mask, if appropriate.
  • Soak the parts in a commercially available enzymatic cleaner e.g. Klenzyme.
  • Clean the Comfort Gel Mask with a soft bristle brush in a solution of cool tap water and a commercially, available anionic detergent e.g. Manu Klenz. Do not use cleaning products that contain conditioners or moisturizers because they will leave a residue.
  • Rinse Comfort Gel nasal mask thoroughly under cool running tap water. Air dry.
  • If adhering substances have not been adequately removed, replace the ComfortGel Mask.

Helpful Hints for Respironics ComfortGel Mask Use

  • Headgear should be secure but not too tight. Tighten top strap first, then bottom strap.
  • Final adjustment should be done while lying down with the air blowing at the prescribed pressure through the tubing and mask.
  • Cushion should not be crushed against the face.
  • Tight fit is not necessary for effective therapy. By tightening, folds are created in the material, causing a leak path. Try loosening the ComfortGel Mask if leaks are present.
  • Mark the headgear straps with permanent marker to remember where they should be fastened.
  • Remove the Comfort Gel Mask by pulling over head or use the quick release clip.
  • Do not block the exhalation port. It is necessary to clear carbon dioxide.
  • Loop the tubing over the headboard to reduce pull on the Respironics ComfortGel Mask.
  • Place the tubing under a blanket to warm the air.

Overcoming Side Effects of the Respironics ComfortGel Mask

As with most prescribed therapies, it is normal to experience some minor side effects with the use of the Respironics Comfort Gel Mask. Below are a few suggestions that may help to alleviate some of the common side effects associated with positive airway pressure. If you continue to experience these side effects, or others not mentioned below, contact your home healthcare provider.

Skin Irritation from the Respironics Comfort Gel Mask

  • Repironics Comfort Gel Mask could be too tight: Loosen the headgear, try another size or another type of mask.
  • Comfort Gel Mask could be stiff from age: Replace it with a new one.
  • You could be allergic to the ComfortGel Mask's material: Soak in hot soapy water and try again, change to a different type of mask material or use a protective skin covering (e.g. moleskin or Duoderm)

Air Leaks from the Respironics ComfortGel Mask

  • Adjust the forehead support arm (if applicable).
  • Adjust the headgear straps.
  • Customize gel cushion (if applicable).
  • Adjust the forehead spacer (if applicable).
  • Try another mask size or another mask type.

Runny Nose / Dryness / Congestion / Nose Bleed from the Respironics Comfort Gel Mask

  • Ask your healthcare provider about adding a humidifier to your therapy device or recommend a topical nasal preparation. There are also prescription or OTC nasal sprays. Lastly, inquire about other available therapy modes such as Auto-CPAP or Bi-Level.
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