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BioCon-500 Bladder Scanner

BioCon-500 Bladder Scanner

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BioCon-500 Bladder Scanner Welcome Kit

BioCon-500 Bladder Scanner Welcome Kit helps minimize Unnecessary Catherization with Our Bladder Scanner.

Incontinence is widespread among the elderly population, especially those who live in nursing homes, where 50 percent or more of residents are incontinent.  The BioCon-500 can be helpful in developing individualized urinary continence programs.

As part of a urinary continence program, the BioCon-500 Bladder Scanner allows caregivers to:

  • Scan the resident's bladder to determine if catheterization or toileting is necessary.
  • Show the residents the results so they can actually see how much fluid is in their bladder.  This helps residents relearn the sensation of needing to urinate.
  • Develop individualized toileting schedules based on each resident's bladder function pattern rather than at fixed times, such as every two hours.  This will save staff valuable time and the clinic money.
  • More accurately determine if a resident's bladder volume and voided amounts are consistenly low, prompting an increase in the resident's fluid intake.

Principles of The CUBEscan BioCon-500 is the bladder volume measurement system with 3-dimensional ultrasonic technology. It reconstructs the image of human tissues using ultrasound and calculates a bladder volume. The CUBEscan provides the information about urinary dysfunction like urinary incontinence and urinary retention with the real bladder images and about bladder volume. Especially, it reduces unnecessary catheterization and urinary tract infection with non invasive method.

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Technical Specifications of the BioCon-500 Bladder Scanner Welcome Kit:

  • Power: 16V DC Adapter (input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz) 7.4V Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Power Consumption: 30VA
  • Ultrasound Probe: 3D Sector Scan, 2.8Mhz ultrasound frequency, B-Mode Scan
  • Display: 5.6" STN LCD (320 x 240 pixels, 16 gray levels)
  • Printer: Built-in (50mm width)
  • Volume Range: 0-999mL:
  • Accuracy: 20%,20ml(0-699mL) ; 25, 25ml(700-999mL)
  • Extended Interface: USB 2.0 Basic
  • Dimension with W/T: 340(L) x 240(W) x 100(H)mm (3.0Kg)
  • Ultrasound Output Parameters: Maximum Power :0.279mW max Maximum MI(Mechanical Index): 0.119 max Transducer diameter :14mm Transducer Resonant Frequency : 2.8Mhz



ICD-9 code: 599.82 Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency (ISD)

(Must appear as primary diagnosis on all claims for reimbursement.)

ICD-9 code: 625.6 Stress Incontinence, female



CPT-4 code: 51715 Endoscopic injection of implant material into the sub-mucosal tissue of the urethra and/or bladder neck.









51715 - Endoscopic


      Physician Fee

      Facility Fee










L8606 - Synthetic implant urinary 1ml








Characteristics are:

  • Accurately diagnoses urinary dysfunction
  • Fast measures post-void residual urine
  • Minimizes unnecessary catheterization
  • Reduces rate of urinary tract infection
  • Eliminates catheter-related damage and trauma
  • Reduces the overall cost with fast examination
  • Eliminates patient problems

The Welcome kit includes the Scanner, Built-In Printer, the Mobile Stand, the Basket for Mobile Stand and 2 year Warranty. 

* HCPCS code C2631- "Repair device, urinary incontinence, without sling" should also be reported by the hospital.  This is for Medicare information gathering purposes only. 

** If using a 3ml syringe, it should be billed as three (3) 1ml syringes.

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SMD Item #: BioCon-500_EA

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